Mexican actors who deceased at age 78

Here are 7 famous actors from Mexico died at 78:

Julio Alemán

Julio Alemán (November 29, 1933 Morelia-April 11, 2012 Mexico City) otherwise known as Julio Aleman or Julio Méndez Alemán was a Mexican actor and singer. His children are called Martín Alemán, Alan Alemán, Mauricio Alemán, Julio Alemán, Jr, Arturo Alemán and Daniel Alemán.

He died caused by lung cancer.

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Wolf Ruvinskis

Wolf Ruvinskis (October 31, 1921 Riga-November 9, 1999 Mexico City) also known as Wolf Rubinsky, Wolf Rubinski, Wolf Rubinskis, Wolf Rubinskys, Wolf Ruvinski, Wolf Ruvinsky, Wolf Ruvinskys, Neutron or Wolf Ruvinskis Manevics was a Mexican actor, wrestler and film producer.

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Jorge Lavat

Jorge Lavat (August 3, 1933 Mexico City-September 14, 2011 Mexico City) also known as Jorge Lavat Bayona was a Mexican actor. He had one child, Adriana Lavat.

He died as a result of respiratory infection.

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Abel Salazar

Abel Salazar (September 24, 1917 Mexico City-October 21, 1995 Cuernavaca) also known as Abel Salazar García was a Mexican film director, actor and film producer. He had one child, Rosa Salazar Arenas.

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Miguel Córcega

Miguel Córcega (October 29, 1929 Mexico City-September 29, 2008 Mexico City) was a Mexican actor and television director. His children are Bárbara Córcega, Miguel Córcega, Jr. and Mónica Córcega.

He died as a result of stroke.

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José Mojica

José Mojica (September 14, 1896 San Gabriel-September 20, 1974 Lima) otherwise known as Crescenciano Abel Exaltación de la Cruz José de Jesús Mojica Montenegro y Chavarín or Fray José de Guadalupe Mojica was a Mexican actor, friar, film score composer, singer and writer.

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Manuel López Ochoa

Manuel López Ochoa (July 7, 1933 Tabasco-October 25, 2011 Orange) otherwise known as Manuel Lopez Ochoa or Chucho el Roto was a Mexican actor.

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