Mexican actors who deceased in 1999

Here are 9 famous actors from Mexico died in 1999:

Wolf Ruvinskis

Wolf Ruvinskis (October 31, 1921 Riga-November 9, 1999 Mexico City) also known as Wolf Rubinsky, Wolf Rubinski, Wolf Rubinskis, Wolf Rubinskys, Wolf Ruvinski, Wolf Ruvinsky, Wolf Ruvinskys, Neutron or Wolf Ruvinskis Manevics was a Mexican actor, wrestler and film producer.

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Tito Guízar

Tito Guízar (April 8, 1908 Guadalajara-December 24, 1999 San Antonio) a.k.a. Federico Arturo Guízar Tolentino or Tito Guizar was a Mexican singer and actor. His children are called Nina Guízar, Lilia Guízar and Tito Guízar.

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Cavernario Galindo

Cavernario Galindo (September 27, 1923 Chihuahua-July 19, 1999 Mexico City) a.k.a. Rodolfo Galindo Ramirez, El Cavernas, Ruddy Valentino, Ruddy Galindo, Eduardo Galindo 'Cavernario', Rodolfo Galindo 'El Cavernario' or 'Cavernario' Galindo was a Mexican actor and wrestler.

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Fernando Fernández

Fernando Fernández (November 9, 1916 Monterrey-November 24, 1999 Mexico City) a.k.a. Fernando Fernandez, Fernando Fernández \"El Crooner de México\", Fernando Fernández \\"El Crooner de México\\", The Crooner of Mexico or Fernando Fernández "El Crooner de México" was a Mexican actor, screenwriter, film director and singer. He had one child, Ramona Fernandez Stejskal.

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Horacio Gómez Bolaños

Horacio Gómez Bolaños (June 28, 1930 Mexico City-November 21, 1999 Mexico City) also known as Horacio Gómez Bolaños, Horacio Gómez, Godinez, Gómez Bolaños, Horacio Gómez Bolanos, Horacio Gomez Bolanos or Horácio Gómez Bolaños was a Mexican actor, comedian, film director and screenwriter.

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Alfonso Corona Blake

Alfonso Corona Blake (January 2, 1919 Autlán-January 21, 1999 Mexico City) a.k.a. Alfonso C. Black, A. Corona Blake or Alfonso C. Blake was a Mexican screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Antonio Raxel

Antonio Raxel (April 13, 1922 San Cristóbal de las Casas-November 25, 1999 Mexico City) a.k.a. Antonio S. Raxel, Antonio Raxell, Antonio Salazar, Alejos Antonio Salazar, Raxel Antonio or Antonio Salazar Alejos was a Mexican actor and voice actor.

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Alfredo Gil

Alfredo Gil (August 15, 1915 Teziutlán-October 10, 1999 Mexico City) also known as El güero, Alfredo Bojalil Gil or El Guero was a Mexican singer and actor.

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Eleazar García

Eleazar García (September 28, 1924 Ciudad Mier-August 24, 1999 Monterrey) a.k.a. Eleazar Garcia 'Chelelo', Eleazar García 'Chelelo', Eleazar Garcia Chelelo, Eleazar García Chelelo, El Chelelo, Chelelo, Eliazar Garcia or Eleazar García Sáenz was a Mexican actor. His child is called Eleazar Garcia Jr..

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