Mexican actresses who were born in 1924

Here are 5 famous actresses from Mexico were born in 1924:

Katy Jurado

Katy Jurado (January 16, 1924 Mexico City-July 5, 2002 Cuernavaca) a.k.a. Maria Cristina Estella Marcella Jurado de Garcia, Katty Jurado, María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García, Maria Christina Jurado Garcia or Katy Jurardo was a Mexican actor, journalist and critic. She had two children, Victor Hugo Velázquez and Sandra Velázquez.

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Angelines Fernández

Angelines Fernández (July 9, 1924 Madrid-March 25, 1994 Cuauhtémoc, D.F.) a.k.a. Angelines Fernandez, Angelines Fernández Abad, María de los Ángeles Fernández Abad or María de los Ángeles "Angelines" Fernández Abad was a Mexican actor. She had one child, Paloma Fernández.

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Marga López

Marga López (June 21, 1924 San Miguel de Tucumán-July 4, 2005 Mexico City) also known as Marga Lopez or Catalina Margarita López Ramos was a Mexican actor. She had two children, Manuel Amador and Carlos Amador.

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Amalia Aguilar

Amalia Aguilar (July 3, 1924 Matanzas-) a.k.a. Amalia Rodriguez Carriera, Amalia Rodrìguez Carriera or Amalia Isabel Rodriguez Carriera is a Mexican actor, dancer, comedian and vedette.

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Famie Kaufman

Famie Kaufman (April 11, 1924 Toronto-February 21, 2009 Mexico City) also known as Famie Kaufman 'Vitola', Famie Kaufman Vitola, Famie Kauffman 'Vitola', 'Vitola', Fanny Kaufman, Famie Kaufmann, Fanny Kauffman 'Vitola', Vitola, La Vitola or Fannie Kauffman was a Mexican actor, comedian and child singer. She had four children, Humberto Elizondo, David Reyes, Moisés King Kaufman and Abraham King Kaufman.

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