Mexican actresses who were born in 1933

Here are 6 famous actresses from Mexico were born in 1933:

Carmen Salinas

Carmen Salinas (October 5, 1933 Torreón-) also known as Carmen Salinas Lozano is a Mexican actor. She has two children, Pedro Plascencia and María Eugenia Plascencia.

Ana Ofelia Murguía

Ana Ofelia Murguía (December 8, 1933 Mexico City-) also known as Ana Ofelia Murgía, Ana Ofelia Murguia or Ofelia Murguía is a Mexican actor.

Malena Doria

Malena Doria (July 23, 1933 Mexico City-April 19, 1999 Mexico City) also known as Marlena Doria was a Mexican actor. She had two children, Magda Rodriguez and Andrea Doria.

Irma Serrano

Irma Serrano (December 9, 1933 Comitán-) is a Mexican actor.

Rosa Arenas

Rosa Arenas (August 19, 1933 Caracas-) otherwise known as Rosita Arenas, Rosa Salazar Arenas or Rosa Salazar is a Mexican actor. She has one child, Rosa Salazar Arenas.

María Victoria

María Victoria (February 26, 1933 Guadalajara-) also known as María Victoria Cervantes Cervantes, Maria Victoria 'Paquita' or Maria Victoria is a Mexican actor, singer and comedian. Her children are called María Esther 'Teté' Gómez, Rubén Zepeda and Alejandro Zepeda.

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