Mexican actresses who were born in 1944

Here are 8 famous actresses from Mexico were born in 1944:

Eva Norvind

Eva Norvind (May 7, 1944 Trondheim-May 14, 2006) also known as Ava Taurel or Eva Johanne Chegodayeva Sakonskaya was a Mexican journalist, actor, film producer, film director and dominatrix. She had one child, Nailea Norvind.

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Angélica María

Angélica María (September 27, 1944 New Orleans-) also known as Angelica Maria, Maria de los Ángeles Ortiz Hartman, Angélica María Hartman Ortíz, La Novia de México, Angélica Maria 'Maruca', Angelica Hartman, Maria Angélica niña or Angelica Ortiz is a Mexican actor, singer and songwriter. She has one child, Angélica Vale.

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Diana Bracho

Diana Bracho (December 12, 1944 Mexico City-) otherwise known as Diana Bracho Bordes, Bordes Mangel or Diana Guadalupe Bracho is a Mexican actor. Her children are called Andrea Bracho and Mariana Cortés.

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Julissa (April 8, 1944 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Julia Isabel del Llano Macedo, Julissa Herrera, Julisa Macedo, Julissa del Llano or Julia Isabel de Llano Macedo is a Mexican actor, television producer, film producer, musician and singer. Her children are called Alejandro Ibarra and Benny Ibarra.

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María Eugenia Llamas

María Eugenia Llamas (February 19, 1944 Mexico City-August 31, 2014 Guadalajara) a.k.a. Ma. Eugenia Llamas 'Tucita', Mª Eugenia Llamas 'Tucita', Ma. Eugenia Llamas 'Tusita', María Eugenia Llamas 'Tusita' or La Tucita was a Mexican actor.

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Helena Rojo

Helena Rojo (August 18, 1944 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Helen Rojo or María Elena Enríquez Ruiz is a Mexican actor. She has three children, Leo Rojo, Patricia Rojo and Elena Rojo.

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Regina Torné

Regina Torné (July 22, 1944 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Regina Torne is a Mexican actor and comedian.

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Fanny Cano

Fanny Cano (February 28, 1944 Huetamo-December 7, 1983 Madrid) also known as Fanny Cano Damián was a Mexican actor and film producer.

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