Mexican actresses who were born in 1953

Here are 6 famous actresses from Mexico were born in 1953:

Angélica Aragón

Angélica Aragón (July 11, 1953 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Angelica Aragon or Angélica Espinoza Stransky is a Mexican actor.

Patricia Reyes Spíndola

Patricia Reyes Spíndola (July 11, 1953 Tlaxiaco-) otherwise known as Patricia Spíndola, Patricia Reyes, Patricia Verónica Núñez Reyes Spíndola, Patricia Núñez Reyes Spindola or Patricia Reyes Spindola is a Mexican actor, film producer, television director, teacher, casting director and entrepreneur.

Alma Martinez

Alma Martinez (March 18, 1953 Monclova-) otherwise known as Alma Martínez or Alma Rosa Martínez is a Mexican actor.

Blanca Guerra

Blanca Guerra (January 10, 1953 Mexico City-) also known as Blanca Guerra Islas is a Mexican actor. Her child is called Emiliano Guerra.

Laura Cepeda

Laura Cepeda (June 24, 1953 Monterrey-) also known as Laura Cepeda de Golferichs is a Mexican casting director and actor.

Yolanda Lievana

Yolanda Lievana (August 10, 1953 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Yolanda Llevana is a Mexican actor.

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