Mexican actresses who were born in 1968

Here are 7 famous actresses from Mexico were born in 1968:

Lila Downs

Lila Downs (September 9, 1968 Tlaxiaco-) a.k.a. Downs, Lila or Ana Lila Downs Sánchez is a Mexican actor, singer-songwriter, film score composer and record producer. She has one child, Benito Dxuladi Cohen.

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Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi (February 15, 1968 Monterrey-) otherwise known as Gloria de los Angeles Treviño Ruiz or Trevi, Gloria is a Mexican presenter, singer, writer, singer-songwriter, music video director, actor and musician. Her child is called Angel Gabriel Gomez.

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Lumi Cavazos

Lumi Cavazos (December 21, 1968 Monterrey-) a.k.a. Rosita Lumi Cavazos or Luz Maria Cavazos is a Mexican actor.

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Tatiana (December 12, 1968 Philadelphia-) also known as Tatiana Palacios Chapa, Tatiana Palacios or La Reina De Los Niños is a Mexican presenter, singer and actor. She has two children, Cassandra Puentes and Andrik Puentes.

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Alejandra Guzmán

Alejandra Guzmán (February 9, 1968 Mexico City-) also known as Alejandra Guzman, Alejandra Gabriela Guzmán Pinal, Guzmán, Alejandra, Alejandra Gabriella Guzmán-Pinal, La Guzman, La Reina del Rock or The Queen of Spanish Rock is a Mexican singer, actor, singer-songwriter, musician, designer and painter. She has one child, Frida Sofia.

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Alejandra Ávalos

Alejandra Ávalos (October 17, 1968 Mexico City-) also known as Alejandra Margarita Ávalos Rodríguez, Ávalos or Alejandra Avalos is a Mexican actor. She has one child, Valentina Marcos Avalos.

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Celia Newman

Celia Newman (October 21, 1968 San Miguel de Allende-) a.k.a. Celia Maria Newman, Cehlia Barnum Newman, Cehlia Newman-Menendez or Cehlia Barnum is a Mexican actor, artist, jewelry designer and visual artist. She has three children, Dominic Michael Newman-Menendez, Victoria Elise Newman-Menendez and Austin Maxwell Newman-Menendez.

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