Mexican actresses who died before turning 25

Here are 3 famous actresses from Mexico died before 25:

Blanca Estela Pavón

Blanca Estela Pavón (February 21, 1926 Minatitlán-September 26, 1949 Popocatépetl) also known as María Blanca Estela Pavón Vasconcelos was a Mexican actor.

She died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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Ana Mérida

Ana Mérida (April 5, 2015 Mexico City-August 12, 1991 Mexico City) a.k.a. Ana Merida or Ana María Mérida Gálvez was a Mexican actor.

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Altia Michel

Altia Michel (April 5, 2015 Mexico City-April 5, 1994 Mexico City) also known as Atilia Michel, Altia Herrera Michel or Althia Mitchel was a Mexican actor, dancer and singer.

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