Mexican musicians who were born in 1954

Here are 5 famous musicians from Mexico were born in 1954:

Manoella Torres

Manoella Torres (April 21, 1954 New York City-) also known as Torres, Manoella or Gloria Torres Calderón is a Mexican singer and actor.

Her albums: 20 éxitos, Abrázame and . Genres related to her: Pop music, Mariachi, Ballad and Latin pop.

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Lupita D'Alessio

Lupita D'Alessio (March 10, 1954 Tijuana-) a.k.a. Guadalupe D'Alessio, La Leona Dormida, María Guadalupe Contreras Ramos or Guadalupe Contreras Ramos is a Mexican singer and actor. She has three children, Ernesto D'Alessio, Jorge D'Alessio and César Gómez.

Her albums: Éxitos, , , , , , and Lo blanco y lo negro. Genres she performed include Ballad and Pop music.

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Eugenio Toussaint

Eugenio Toussaint (October 9, 1954 Mexico-February 8, 2011 Mexico City) also known as Toussaint, Eugenio or Eugenio Toussaint Uhtohff was a Mexican , .

His albums: Días de los muertos.

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Jaramar (August 3, 1954 Mexico-) is a Mexican , .

Related albums: A flor de tierra, Lenguas, Fingir Que Duermo, Si yo nunca muriera and Entre la pena y el gozo. Genres: World music.

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Anacani (April 10, 1954 Sinaloa-) otherwise known as Anacani Maria Consuelo y Castillo Lopez Cantor Montoya, Anacani Echeverria or Anacani is a Mexican singer and actor.

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