Mexican music stars who deceased at age 49

Here are 6 famous musicians from Mexico died at 49:

Rosario Castellanos

Rosario Castellanos (May 25, 1925 Mexico City-August 7, 1974 Tel Aviv) was a Mexican writer, poet and author.

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Baby Arizmendi

Baby Arizmendi (March 17, 1913 Torreón-December 31, 1962 Los Angeles) was a Mexican personality.

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Clemente Mejía

Clemente Mejía (November 23, 1928 Mexico-March 28, 1978 Acapulco) was a Mexican swimmer.

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Maricruz Olivier

Maricruz Olivier (September 19, 1935 Tehuacán-October 10, 1984 Mexico City) also known as María de la Cruz Olivier Obergh, María de la Cruz Olivier, María de la Cruz or Mary Cruz Olivier was a Mexican actor.

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Enrique Echeverria Vazquez

Enrique Echeverria Vazquez (July 14, 1923 Mexico City-November 25, 1972 Cuernavaca) also known as Enrique Echeverria or Enrique Echeverría was a Mexican personality.

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Gabriel Gómez Michel

Gabriel Gómez Michel (March 24, 1965 Jalisco-September 1, 2014 Zacatecas) was a Mexican pediatrician and politician.

He died as a result of murder.

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