Mexican music stars who deceased at age 75

Here are 17 famous musicians from Mexico died at 75:

Mathias Goeritz

Mathias Goeritz (April 4, 1915 Gdańsk-August 4, 1990 Mexico City) was a Mexican personality.

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Marcel Delgado

Marcel Delgado (January 16, 1901-November 26, 1976) was a Mexican personality.

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José María Bocanegra

José María Bocanegra (May 25, 1787 Calvillo Municipality-July 23, 1862 Mexico City) a.k.a. Jose Maria Bocanegra was a Mexican lawyer.

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Julieta Campos

Julieta Campos (May 8, 1932 Havana-September 5, 2007 Mexico City) was a Mexican writer.

She died caused by cancer.

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Cavernario Galindo

Cavernario Galindo (September 27, 1923 Chihuahua-July 19, 1999 Mexico City) a.k.a. Rodolfo Galindo Ramirez, El Cavernas, Ruddy Valentino, Ruddy Galindo, Eduardo Galindo 'Cavernario', Rodolfo Galindo 'El Cavernario' or 'Cavernario' Galindo was a Mexican actor and wrestler.

He died in lung cancer.

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Agustín Lazo Adalid

Agustín Lazo Adalid (April 5, 1896 Mexico City-April 5, 1971 Mexico City) also known as Agustín Lazo A. or Agustin Lazo Adalid was a Mexican playwright, costume designer, painter and translator.

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Alexander Salkind

Alexander Salkind (June 2, 1921 Gdańsk-March 8, 1997 Neuilly-sur-Seine) a.k.a. Alejandro Salkind or Alexandre Salkind was a Mexican film producer and presenter. His child is called Ilya Salkind.

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Guillermo Ortiz Camargo

Guillermo Ortiz Camargo (June 25, 1939 Mexico-April 5, 2015) was a Mexican personality.

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Rodrígo Ruíz

Rodrígo Ruíz (April 14, 1923 Mexico-April 5, 1999) was a Mexican personality.

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Raúl 'Chato' Padilla

Raúl 'Chato' Padilla (June 17, 1918 Monterrey-February 3, 1994 Mexico City) a.k.a. Raul Padilla Mendoza, Raul ''Chato'' Padilla or Raul Chato Padilla was a Mexican actor. He had three children, Raúl Padilla, Aurelia "Maye" Padilla and Rafael Padilla.

He died in diabetes mellitus.

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Roberto Cantoral

Roberto Cantoral (June 7, 1935 Ciudad Madero-August 7, 2010 Toluca) also known as Roberto Cantoral Garcia was a Mexican composer, musician, singer and songwriter. He had four children, Jose Cantoral, Itatí Cantoral, Carlos Cantoral and Roberto Cantoral.

Genres he performed: Bolero and Latin American music.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Salvador Toscano

Salvador Toscano (March 22, 1872 Guadalajara-April 14, 1947 Mexico City) was a Mexican film director, film producer, cinematographer and film editor. He had one child, Carmen Toscano.

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Chano Urueta

Chano Urueta (February 24, 1904 Cusihuiriachi-March 23, 1979 Mexico City) also known as Santiago Eduardo Urueta Sierra was a Mexican film director, actor, screenwriter and film producer. He had three children, Marco A. Urueta Orta, Luisa Lucia Urueta Orta and Iliana Urueta Orta.

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Angel Romero

Angel Romero (October 1, 1932 Teúl de González Ortega-October 21, 2007 Guadalajara) a.k.a. Ángel Romero or Zapopan was a Mexican athlete.

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Guillermo Haro

Guillermo Haro (March 21, 1913 Mexico City-April 26, 1988) was a Mexican astronomer. He had three children, Paula Haro Poniatowska, Emmanuel Haro Poniatowski and Felipe Haro Poniatowski .

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Claudio Obregón

Claudio Obregón (July 11, 1935 San Luis Potosí-November 13, 2010 Mexico City) also known as Claudio Obregon was a Mexican actor. He had two children, Claudio Obregon and Gerardo Obregon.

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Rafael Méndez

Rafael Méndez (March 26, 1906 Jiquilpan-September 15, 1981 Encino) also known as Rafael Mendez, Méndez, Rafael, Raphael Méndez or Raphael Mendez was a Mexican trumpeter and actor.

His albums include Legendary Trumpet Virtuosity of Rafael Méndez, Volume 1.

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