New Zealand actors who were born in 1972

Here are 5 famous actors from New Zealand were born in 1972:

Julian Arahanga

Julian Arahanga (December 18, 1972 Raetihi-) also known as Julian Sonny Arahanga, Sonny Arahanga, Tony Arahanga, Julian Davis, Sonny Davis or Julian 'Sonny' Arahanga is a New Zealand actor, television director and television producer.

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Blair Strang

Blair Strang (March 15, 1972 New Zealand-) is a New Zealand actor.

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Karl Urban

Karl Urban (June 7, 1972 Wellington-) also known as Karl-Heinz Urban is a New Zealand actor. His children are called Hunter Urban and Indiana Urban.

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John Rawls

John Rawls (May 4, 1972 England-) is a New Zealand actor.

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Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Colin Mathura-Jeffree (May 12, 1972 Auckland-) is a New Zealand actor and model.

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