New Zealand actors who were born in 1982

Here are 6 famous actors from New Zealand were born in 1982:

David de Lautour

David de Lautour (November 28, 1982 Christchurch-) otherwise known as David Hugh de Lautour is a New Zealand musician, actor, film producer and screenwriter.

James Napier Robertson

James Napier Robertson (March 24, 1982 Wellington-) a.k.a. James William Napier Robertson, James Napier Robertson, James Hobby, James Napier-Robertson, James Robertson or Goldie is a New Zealand actor, screenwriter and film director.

Austin Leonard Jones

Austin Leonard Jones (November 9, 1982 Auckland-) is a New Zealand actor and film score composer.

David Taylor

David Taylor (May 7, 1982 Auckland-) a.k.a. David Joel Taylor is a New Zealand actor.

Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker (May 11, 1982 Hamilton-) is a New Zealand actor.

David Farrier

David Farrier (December 25, 1982-) is a New Zealand actor.

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