New Zealand actors died because of Cancer

Here are 5 famous actors from New Zealand died in Cancer:

Peter Adams

Peter Adams (May 18, 1938 Taumarunui-December 13, 1999 Melbourne) also known as Peter John Adams was a New Zealand actor. His child is called Aileen Adams.

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Bruce Purchase

Bruce Purchase (October 2, 1938 Thames-June 5, 2008 Putney) also known as William Reginald Bruce Purchase was a New Zealand actor.

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Frank Whitten

Frank Whitten (November 15, 1942 Te Aroha-February 12, 2011 New Zealand) also known as Frank Edgar Richard Whitten was a New Zealand actor.

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Walter Brown

Walter Brown (February 9, 1927 Auckland-October 31, 2013 Deloraine) a.k.a. Ian Walter Brown or Walt Brown was a New Zealand actor.

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David Warbeck

David Warbeck (November 17, 1941 Christchurch-July 23, 1997 London) a.k.a. David Mitchell or Dave was a New Zealand actor and model.

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