New Zealand music stars who deceased at age 61

Here are 14 famous musicians from New Zealand died at 61:

Barry Crump

Barry Crump (May 15, 1935 Auckland-July 3, 1996 New Zealand) was a New Zealand writer and actor. He had one child, Martin Crump.

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Lincoln Hurring

Lincoln Hurring (September 15, 1931-April 21, 1993) was a New Zealand swimmer.

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Tony Shelly

Tony Shelly (February 2, 1937 Wellington-October 4, 1998 Taupo) was a New Zealand race car driver.

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Bruce Beetham

Bruce Beetham (February 16, 1936 New Plymouth-May 3, 1997 Palmerston North) was a New Zealand personality.

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Bruce Mason

Bruce Mason (September 28, 1921 Wellington-December 31, 1982 Wellington) was a New Zealand writer, playwright and film director.

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Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson (March 30, 1910-April 5, 1971) was a New Zealand personality.

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Elizabeth McCombs

Elizabeth McCombs (November 19, 1873 Kaiapoi-June 7, 1935 Christchurch) was a New Zealand personality. Her child is called Terry McCombs.

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Neroli Fairhall

Neroli Fairhall (August 26, 1944 Christchurch-June 11, 2006 Christchurch) was a New Zealand personality.

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Peter Adams

Peter Adams (May 18, 1938 Taumarunui-December 13, 1999 Melbourne) also known as Peter John Adams was a New Zealand actor. His child is Aileen Adams.

He died as a result of cancer.

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David Ballantyne

David Ballantyne (June 14, 1924 Auckland-April 5, 1986) was a New Zealand journalist, novelist and writer.

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Jay Epae

Jay Epae (March 7, 1933 Manaia, Taranaki-September 8, 1994) also known as Epae, Jay was a New Zealand personality.

Genres: Pop music.

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Ellen Elizabeth Ferner

Ellen Elizabeth Ferner (September 13, 1869 Auckland-November 3, 1930 Remuera) was a New Zealand artist and photographer.

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James Wilson

James Wilson (December 6, 1865 Akaroa-April 14, 1927 Sydney) was a New Zealand politician and minister.

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Rita Angus

Rita Angus (March 12, 1908 Hastings-January 25, 1970 Wellington) was a New Zealand personality.

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