New Zealand music stars who deceased at age 64

Here are 16 famous musicians from New Zealand died at 64:

Hedley Howarth

Hedley Howarth (December 25, 1943 Grey Lynn-November 7, 2008 Auckland) was a New Zealand cricketer.

He died in cancer.

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Julius Vogel

Julius Vogel (February 24, 1835 London-March 12, 1899 Molesey) was a New Zealand writer and politician.

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Ellen Melville

Ellen Melville (May 13, 1882-July 27, 1946 Remuera) was a New Zealand lawyer.

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Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan (July 18, 1882 Waltham, New Zealand-April 8, 1947) was a New Zealand personality.

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Isaac Luck

Isaac Luck (May 12, 1817 Oxford-December 15, 1881 Bristol) was a New Zealand architect.

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Zin Harris

Zin Harris (July 18, 1927 New Zealand-December 1, 1991) was a New Zealand personality.

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Verdun Scott

Verdun Scott (July 31, 1916 Devonport, New Zealand-August 2, 1980 Devonport, New Zealand) was a New Zealand personality.

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Douglas St. John

Douglas St. John (February 26, 1928 Nelson-July 11, 1992 Hawke's Bay) was a New Zealand personality.

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Lou Petersen

Lou Petersen (April 19, 1897 Akaroa-June 25, 1961 Christchurch) was a New Zealand personality.

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May Beatty

May Beatty (June 4, 1880 Christchurch-April 1, 1945 Covina) also known as Mae Beatty was a New Zealand actor and singer.

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Rupert Julian

Rupert Julian (January 25, 1879 Whangaroa-December 27, 1943 Hollywood) otherwise known as Thomas Percival Hayes was a New Zealand film director, actor, film producer and writer.

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Allan Holmes

Allan Holmes (January 25, 1845 Ballarat-April 9, 1909 Dunedin) was a New Zealand cricketer.

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Neville Pickering

Neville Pickering (November 18, 1923-June 25, 1988) also known as Neville George Pickering was a New Zealand politician.

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P. H. Matthews

P. H. Matthews (February 21, 1903 New Zealand-September 25, 1967 Takaka, New Zealand) a.k.a. Pressly Hemingway Matthews was a New Zealand politician and technician.

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William Smith

William Smith (March 9, 1881 Wellington-May 25, 1945 Wellington) was a New Zealand accountant and rugby player.

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Paul Callaghan

Paul Callaghan (August 19, 1947 Whanganui-March 24, 2012 Wellington) was a New Zealand physicist and professor.

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