New Zealand music stars who deceased at age 73

Here are 22 famous musicians from New Zealand died at 73:

Ossie Mazengarb

Ossie Mazengarb (April 5, 1890-April 5, 1963) was a New Zealand lawyer and writer.

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James Cowan

James Cowan (April 14, 1870 East Tamaki-September 6, 1943) was a New Zealand writer.

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James Hector

James Hector (March 16, 1834 Edinburgh-November 6, 1907) also known as Dr. James Hector was a New Zealand geologist, physician and scientist.

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James O'Brien

James O'Brien (June 8, 1874 Castlemaine-September 28, 1947 Wellington) was a New Zealand politician.

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Frank Rolleston

Frank Rolleston (May 11, 1873 Christchurch-September 8, 1946 Timaru) was a New Zealand personality.

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Dorothy Kate Richmond

Dorothy Kate Richmond (September 12, 1861 Auckland-April 16, 1935 Wellington) was a New Zealand personality.

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Gavin Downie

Gavin Downie (December 5, 1924-January 27, 1998 Glen Eden, New Zealand) was a New Zealand personality.

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Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith (January 8, 1913 Toowoomba-January 25, 1986) was a New Zealand personality.

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Tom Burtt

Tom Burtt (January 22, 1915 New Zealand-May 24, 1988) was a New Zealand personality.

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Jean Batten

Jean Batten (September 15, 1909 Rotorua-November 22, 1982 Majorca) was a New Zealand pilot.

She died as a result of animal attack.

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Kendrick Smithyman

Kendrick Smithyman (October 9, 1922 Te Kopuru-December 28, 1995) was a New Zealand personality.

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Frank Hutchens

Frank Hutchens (January 15, 1892 Leeston-October 18, 1965 Mona Vale) was a New Zealand composer and pianist.

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William Wynyard

William Wynyard (April 5, 1864 Devonport, New Zealand-March 15, 1938 Wellington) was a New Zealand personality.

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Dougie McGregor

Dougie McGregor (December 16, 1889 Thames-April 15, 1963 Auckland) was a New Zealand personality.

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Cecil Holmes

Cecil Holmes (June 23, 1921 Waipukurau-August 24, 1994 Australia) a.k.a. Cecil William Holmes was a New Zealand film director, screenwriter and film producer.

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Doris Lusk

Doris Lusk (May 5, 1916 Dunedin-April 14, 1990) was a New Zealand artist, teacher and visual artist.

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George E. Dewar

George E. Dewar (June 8, 1895 Christchurch-April 5, 1969) was a New Zealand poet, writer, teacher, farmer and soldier.

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Alan Rowe

Alan Rowe (December 14, 1926 Palmerston North-October 21, 2000 Kingston upon Thames) was a New Zealand actor.

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Ivy Margaret Copeland

Ivy Margaret Copeland (June 15, 1888 Auckland-August 28, 1961) was a New Zealand art teacher, artist and visual artist.

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Frances Alda

Frances Alda (May 31, 1879 Christchurch-September 18, 1952 Venice) a.k.a. Fanny Jane Davis was a New Zealand singer.

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Barry Brown

Barry Brown (May 20, 1931 Dannevirke-November 1, 2004) also known as Barrington Reginald Brown was a New Zealand professional boxer.

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Keith Elliott

Keith Elliott (April 25, 1916 Manawatu District-October 7, 1989 Wellington) was a New Zealand soldier.

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