Norwegian movie stars born in 1921

Here are 8 famous actors from Norway were born in 1921:

Nils R. Müller

Nils R. Müller (January 17, 1921 Shanghai-March 6, 2007 Oslo) a.k.a. Nils Russel Müller was a Norwegian film director, screenwriter, actor and film editor.

Frimann Falck Clausen

Frimann Falck Clausen (February 15, 1921 Norway-March 23, 1983 Norway) was a Norwegian actor.

Wilfred Breistrand

Wilfred Breistrand (April 29, 1921 Trondheim-August 3, 2007 Asker) was a Norwegian actor. He had one child, Ulf Breistrand.

Kjell Stormoen

Kjell Stormoen (March 24, 1921 Bergen-October 22, 2010 Grimstad) was a Norwegian actor, scenographer, theatre director and character actor. He had one child, Even Stormoen.

Ragnar Johannes Baartvedt

Ragnar Johannes Baartvedt (March 11, 1921 Larvik-August 30, 1998) also known as Ragnar Baartvedt was a Norwegian actor and journalist.

Eilif Armand

Eilif Armand (March 18, 1921 Bergen-November 28, 1993) was a Norwegian actor. His children are called Gisken Armand, Merete Armand, Frøydis Armand and Yngvil Armand.

Egil Lorck

Egil Lorck (April 26, 1921 Norway-May 17, 2000 Norway) also known as Egil Lorch was a Norwegian actor.

Arne Lie

Arne Lie (September 25, 1921 Norway-January 22, 1982 Norway) was a Norwegian actor.

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