Norwegian movie stars born in 1965

Here are 5 famous actors from Norway were born in 1965:

Harald Zwart

Harald Zwart (July 1, 1965 Netherlands-) also known as Harald Johan Zwart is a Norwegian film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor and television director. He has one child, Stella Zwart.

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Åsleik Engmark

Åsleik Engmark (December 27, 1965 Oslo-) is a Norwegian comedian, actor, film director and voice actor.

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Stig Henrik Hoff

Stig Henrik Hoff (February 4, 1965 Vadsø-) also known as Hoffern or hoffer´n is a Norwegian actor and chef. His children are called Aurora Hoff, Rosalind Hoff, My Hoff and Lily Maxine Hoff.

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Robert Stoltenberg

Robert Stoltenberg (April 17, 1965 Norway-) also known as Yngve Freiholt or Piirka Kellivoite is a Norwegian comedian, actor and screenwriter.

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Jørgen Langhelle

Jørgen Langhelle (August 18, 1965 Sandnes-) also known as Jergen Langhelle, Jørgen Sandvik Langhelle or Jørgen Sandvik Langehelle is a Norwegian actor.

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