Norwegian movie stars born in 1974

Here are 6 famous actors from Norway were born in 1974:

Torgny Amdam

Torgny Amdam (June 16, 1974 Oslo-) also known as Torgny Amdam Knutson or Torgny is a Norwegian film score composer, actor, producer, artist, songwriter and music artist.

Henrik Høie

Henrik Høie (May 2, 1974-) is a Norwegian actor.

Even Benestad

Even Benestad (September 16, 1974 Grimstad-) also known as Even G. Benestad is a Norwegian film director, screenwriter, cinematographer and actor.

Erlend Vetleseter

Erlend Vetleseter (June 10, 1974-) is a Norwegian actor.

Thorbjørn Harr

Thorbjørn Harr (May 24, 1974 Oslo-) also known as Torbjørn Harr is a Norwegian actor.

Terje Håkonsen

Terje Håkonsen (October 11, 1974 Vinje-) also known as Terje Hakonsen or Terje Haakonsen is a Norwegian snowboarder and actor. He has one child, Kane Håkonsen.

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