Norwegian movie stars died at 67

Here are 4 famous actors from Norway died at 67:

Tore Foss

Tore Foss (February 21, 1901 Oslo-August 6, 1968 Norway) was a Norwegian singer, actor, theatre director and lawyer.

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Ingjald Haaland

Ingjald Haaland (March 22, 1885 Fusa-July 28, 1952) was a Norwegian actor and theatre director.

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Per Bronken

Per Bronken (March 13, 1935 Tromsø-October 4, 2002 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Ingolf Rogde

Ingolf Rogde (May 14, 1911 Sande, Møre og Romsdal-June 4, 1978 Norway) was a Norwegian actor.

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