Norwegian movie stars died in 1997

Here are 3 famous actors from Norway died in 1997:

Georg Adelly

Georg Adelly (October 19, 1919 Vardal-October 26, 1997 Gothenburg) also known as George Adelly or Georg Ingvald Adelly was a Norwegian actor. He had one child, Björn Adelly.

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Jon Lennart Mjøen

Jon Lennart Mjøen (October 22, 1912 Oslo-January 3, 1997 Oslo) was a Norwegian screenwriter, film director and actor. His child is called Lars Mjøen.

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Alf Malland

Alf Malland (January 24, 1917 Bergen-August 16, 1997) otherwise known as (Alfonse) Alf Mjølner Malland, Alfonse Mjølner Malland, Alf Mjølner Malland or Mjølner Hansen was a Norwegian actor and screenwriter.

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