Norwegian movie stars born in 1982

Here are 5 famous actresses from Norway were born in 1982:

Silje Reinåmo

Silje Reinåmo (August 25, 1982 Mosjøen-) is a Norwegian dancer, actor and singer.

Sofie Cappelen

Sofie Cappelen (February 2, 1982 Oslo-) a.k.a. Sofie Stange Cappelen, Sofia or Sofie Cappelen Stange is a Norwegian actor.

Henriette Bruusgaard

Henriette Bruusgaard (January 10, 1982 Oslo-) is a Norwegian actor.

Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias (March 19, 1982 Oslo-) is a Norwegian model, actor and pornographic film actor.

Live Nelvik

Live Nelvik (December 10, 1982-) also known as Live Johnsrud Nelvik is a Norwegian actor, journalist and presenter.

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