Norwegian movie stars died in 2006

Here are 4 famous actresses from Norway died in 2006:

Aud Schønemann

Aud Schønemann (November 13, 1922 Oslo-October 30, 2006 Oslo) a.k.a. aud_schonemann, Aud Schonemann or Moder'n was a Norwegian actor.

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Ingerid Vardund

Ingerid Vardund (April 24, 1927 Oslo-December 25, 2006 Oslo) also known as Ingrid Vardun was a Norwegian actor. Her children are called Ane Vardund and Tonje Vardund.

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Eva Norvind

Eva Norvind (May 7, 1944 Trondheim-May 14, 2006) also known as Ava Taurel or Eva Johanne Chegodayeva Sakonskaya was a Norwegian journalist, actor, film producer, film director and dominatrix. She had one child, Nailea Norvind.

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Eva Sletto

Eva Sletto (September 6, 1912 Asker-March 7, 2006 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor.

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