Norwegian musicians born in 1946

Here are 6 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1946:

Helge Jordal

Helge Jordal (February 17, 1946 Bergen-) is a Norwegian actor.

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Agnes Buen Garnås

Agnes Buen Garnås (November 23, 1946-) a.k.a. Agnes Buen Garnas or Buen Garnås, Agnes is a Norwegian singer.

Discography: Rosensfole: Medieval Songs From Norway. Genres related to her: Folk music.

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Georg Kajanus

Georg Kajanus (February 9, 1946 Trondheim-) also known as Georg Johan Tjegodiev or Kajanus is a Norwegian composer, musician and singer-songwriter.

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Knut Husebø

Knut Husebø (May 10, 1946 Stavanger-) is a Norwegian actor and visual artist.

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Jan Groth

Jan Groth (February 25, 1946 Greåker-August 27, 2014) also known as Groth, Jan was a Norwegian musician.

Discography: The Best of Jan Groth and Arvegods.

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Sverre Kjelsberg

Sverre Kjelsberg (October 18, 1946 Tromsø-) also known as Kjelsberg, Sverre is a Norwegian musician.

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