Norwegian musicians born in 1972

Here are 9 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1972:

Heidi Solberg Tveitan

Heidi Solberg Tveitan (May 31, 1972 Norway-) also known as Ihriel or Star Of Ash is a Norwegian singer.

Her albums include iter.viator.. Genres: Neoclassical Dark Wave and Avant-garde metal.

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Ted Skjellum

Ted Skjellum (March 4, 1972-) a.k.a. Nocturno Culto or Culto, Nocturno is a Norwegian singer, musician and songwriter.

His discography includes: The Misanthrope - The Existence of... Solitude and Chaos. Genres related to him: Black metal, Death metal and Crust punk.

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Kristoffer Joner

Kristoffer Joner (September 19, 1972 Stavanger-) also known as Christoffer Joner is a Norwegian actor and businessperson.

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Roger Tiegs

Roger Tiegs (June 18, 1972-) a.k.a. Infernus is a Norwegian , .

His discography includes: What Sin Side. Genres he performed include Black metal and Thrash metal.

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Tormentor (May 6, 1972 Norway-) otherwise known as Bøllo Heyerdahl is a Norwegian , .

Genres he performed: Black metal.

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Tønes (April 28, 1972 Sokndal-) is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and guitarist.

His most important albums: Gobai, , , and .

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Tore Renberg

Tore Renberg (August 10, 1972 Stavanger-) also known as Renberg, Tore is a Norwegian author, novelist and screenwriter.

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Katharina Nuttall

Katharina Nuttall (July 14, 1972 Drammen-) a.k.a. Nuttall, Katharina is a Norwegian , .

Related albums: This Is How I Feel.

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Annar Follesø

Annar Follesø (December 29, 1972-) is a Norwegian violinist.

His albums: .

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