Norwegian musicians born in 1976

Here are 19 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1976:

Freddy dos Santos

Freddy dos Santos (October 2, 1976 Oslo-) is a Norwegian , .

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Thom Hell

Thom Hell (March 19, 1976-) also known as Hell, Thom is a Norwegian singer.

His discography includes: Every Little Piece, I Love You, The While You're Waiting EP, God If I Saw Her Now, Tremendous Sinner, All Good Things, Over You, This Is Thom Hell, Suddenly Past and Six.

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Shagrath (November 18, 1976 Jessheim-) a.k.a. Stian Thorensen, Stian Thoresen or Stian Tomt Thoresen is a Norwegian singer, musician, songwriter and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: The Black Halo. Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Melodic black metal, Symphonic black metal, Black metal, Extreme metal and Thrash metal.

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Sivert Høyem

Sivert Høyem (January 22, 1976 Sortland-) also known as Høyem, Sivert is a Norwegian singer.

Discography: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition, Exiles, Moon Landing, Long Slow Distance, Where Is My Moon? and Endless Love. Genres: Rock music.

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Espen Grjotheim

Espen Grjotheim (September 20, 1976 Norway-) is a Norwegian actor.

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Silje Vige

Silje Vige (May 24, 1976 Jørpeland-) also known as Vige, Silje is a Norwegian singer and teacher.

Discography: Alle Mine Tankar. Genres she performed include Ballad.

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Olaf Olsen

Olaf Olsen (August 8, 1976-) is a Norwegian , .

Genres related to him: Rock music.

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Rebekka Karijord

Rebekka Karijord (November 19, 1976 Sandnessjøen-) is a Norwegian actor and composer.

Her discography includes: Neophyte, The Noble Art of Letting Go, We Become Ourselves, Use My Body While It's Still Young and Music for film and theatre.

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Jan Werner

Jan Werner (April 10, 1976 Nord-Odal-September 29, 2006 Oslo) a.k.a. Jan Werner Danielsen or Werner, Jan was a Norwegian singer.

His albums include All by Myself and Stronger. Genres he performed include Pop music, Classical music and Rock music.

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Liv Kristine

Liv Kristine (February 14, 1976 Stavanger-) a.k.a. Liv Kristine Espenæs, Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull, Liv Kristine Espenaes or Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull is a Norwegian singer and singer-songwriter.

Her most recognized albums: Fake a Smile, One Love, Take Good Care, 3 am, Deus Ex Machina, Enter My Religion, Skintight, Libertine and Vervain. Genres she performed: Symphonic metal, Gothic metal, Folk metal, Viking metal, Industrial metal and Pop rock.

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Kristoffer Rygg

Kristoffer Rygg (September 9, 1976 Oslo-) also known as Garm, Trickster G., Rygg, Kristoffer or Fiery G. Maelstrom is a Norwegian engineer, singer, musician, record producer, composer, keyboard player and audio engineer.

Genres: Black metal, Ambient music, Folk metal, Avant-garde music, Electronic music, Avant-garde metal and Art rock.

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Teebee (May 19, 1976 Bergen-) a.k.a. Black Science Labs, DJ Tee Bee, DJ Teebee, Tee Bee or Torgeir Byrknes is a Norwegian , .

His albums include Assassin / The Abyss, Black Science Labs, Brainwaves / Distant Origin, Coming of Shadows / Back to My Roots, Decieve / Meet Your Maker, Dynasty Warriors / Lifeless, Human Reptile / Metreon, Let Go / Deception, Oblivion / Instant Irradification and The Execution. Genres: Techstep, Neurofunk and Drum and bass.

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Jarle Bernhoft

Jarle Bernhoft (June 27, 1976 Norway-) also known as Bernhoft, Jarle is a Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and lyricist.

His albums: Solidarity Breaks, , 1: Man 2: Band, Ceramik City Chronicles, Islander EP and Islander.

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Unni Løvlid

Unni Løvlid (March 23, 1976 Hornindal-) is a Norwegian singer and musician.

Discography: Rite and Lux. Her related genres: Folk music.

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Ane Brun

Ane Brun (March 10, 1976 Molde-) also known as Ane Brunvoll or Brun, Ane is a Norwegian singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Live in Scandinavia, Rubber & Soul, Song No. 6, A Temporary Dive, My Lover Will Go, I Shot My Heart, Humming One of Your Songs, Are They Saying Goodbye?, Changing of the Seasons and Duets. Genres: Folk music and Adult contemporary music.

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Skatebård (May 14, 1976 Harstad-) a.k.a. Skateboard or Skatebard is a Norwegian musician.

His albums include Midnight Magic, Skateboarding Was a Crime (In 1989), Cosmos, The Starwatcher, Remix You, Remix Me, Confirmation Bias (Remixes) and Love in the Night. Genres he performed include Electronic music.

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Svein Berge

Svein Berge (February 17, 1976 Tromsø-) also known as Berge, Svein is a Norwegian electronic musician and musician.

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Vinni (February 3, 1976 Arendal-) also known as Øyvind Sauvik is a Norwegian rapper.

His discography includes: Fade Away and . Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Ravi (April 28, 1976 Tønsberg-) also known as Ivar Johansen or Ivar Christian Johansen is a Norwegian composer, journalist, keyboard player and trumpeter.

His albums include Kjøpr Gitar, Lekr Butik and Den nye arbæidsdagn.

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