Norwegian musicians died at 40

Here are 7 famous musicians from Norway died at 40:

Thorleif Haug

Thorleif Haug (September 28, 1894 Lier-December 12, 1934 Drammen) was a Norwegian personality.

He died caused by pneumonia.

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Viggo Hansteen

Viggo Hansteen (September 13, 1900 Oslo-September 10, 1941 Årvoll) was a Norwegian politician and lawyer.

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Finn Seemann

Finn Seemann (October 18, 1944 Oslo-September 7, 1985) was a Norwegian personality.

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Eiliv Austlid

Eiliv Austlid (May 6, 1899 Ullensvang-April 15, 1940 Dovre) was a Norwegian personality.

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Hege Nerland

Hege Nerland (October 27, 1966-March 12, 2007) was a Norwegian personality.

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Marius Müller

Marius Müller (August 20, 1958 Oslo-March 14, 1999 Oslo) also known as Marius Muller or Müller, Marius was a Norwegian actor and film score composer.

His albums: Det norske huset and . Genres he performed: Rock music.

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Magne Havnå

Magne Havnå (September 16, 1963 Risør-May 29, 2004 Risør) a.k.a. Magne Havna or Magne Havnaa was a Norwegian professional boxer.

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