Norwegian musicians died at 45

Here are 4 famous musicians from Norway died at 45:

Roger Albertsen

Roger Albertsen (March 15, 1957 Tyssedal-March 2, 2003) was a Norwegian personality.

He died in cancer.

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Kenneth Sivertsen

Kenneth Sivertsen (January 16, 1961 Bømlo-December 24, 2006 Haukeland University Hospital) otherwise known as Sivertsen, Kenneth was a Norwegian personality.

His albums: High Tide.

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Torstein Raaby

Torstein Raaby (October 6, 1918 Dverberg-March 23, 1964 Arctic) was a Norwegian personality.

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Sigurd Køhn

Sigurd Køhn (August 6, 1959 Kristiansand-December 26, 2004 Khao Lak) a.k.a. Køhn, Sigurd or Sigurd Eystein Køhn was a Norwegian composer, saxophonist and musician.

Related albums: More pepper, please. Genres: Jazz.

He died as a result of drowning.

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