Norwegian musicians died at 61

Here are 12 famous musicians from Norway died at 61:

Martin Stokken

Martin Stokken (January 16, 1923-March 25, 1984) was a Norwegian personality.

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Sverre Hansen

Sverre Hansen (June 23, 1913 Larvik-August 22, 1974) was a Norwegian personality.

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Rolf Birger Pedersen

Rolf Birger Pedersen (September 23, 1939 Bergen-March 22, 2001 Bergen) was a Norwegian personality.

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Sverre Ingolf Haugli

Sverre Ingolf Haugli (April 23, 1925-October 18, 1986) was a Norwegian speed skater.

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Thomas Heftye

Thomas Heftye (April 10, 1860 Vestre Aker-September 19, 1921 Trondheim) was a Norwegian military officer.

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Johan Martin Jakobsen Strand

Johan Martin Jakobsen Strand (October 10, 1873 Kvernes-August 17, 1935) was a Norwegian personality.

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Hjalmar Borgstrøm

Hjalmar Borgstrøm (March 23, 1864-July 5, 1925) was a Norwegian personality.

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Hans E. Kinck

Hans E. Kinck (October 11, 1865 Øksfjord-October 13, 1926 Oslo) also known as Hans Kinck or Hans Ernst Kinck was a Norwegian writer, philologist and author.

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Gunn Olsen

Gunn Olsen (September 18, 1952-December 27, 2013 Kragerø) was a Norwegian politician.

She died caused by cancer.

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Jonas Brunvoll, Jr.

Jonas Brunvoll, Jr. (August 3, 1920 Bærum-April 5, 1982) a.k.a. Jonas Brunvoll was a Norwegian opera singer and actor. His children are called Bente Brunvoll and Kim Brunvoll.

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Finn Mortensen

Finn Mortensen (January 6, 1922 Oslo-May 23, 1983) also known as Finn Einar Mortensen was a Norwegian personality.

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Elisabeth Granneman

Elisabeth Granneman (June 11, 1930 Norway-March 28, 1992 Norway) also known as Elisabeth Grannemann, Elisabeth Granneman, Granneman, Elisabeth, Inger Elisabeth Fauk or Inger Elisabeth Granneman was a Norwegian actor.

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