Norwegian musicians died at 63

Here are 13 famous musicians from Norway died at 63:

Per Gjelten

Per Gjelten (December 5, 1927-January 25, 1991) was a Norwegian personality.

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Gerhard Meling

Gerhard Meling (May 27, 1892-July 1, 1955) was a Norwegian personality.

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Armand Carlsen

Armand Carlsen (October 20, 1905-May 8, 1969) was a Norwegian speed skater.

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Hans Kristian Seip

Hans Kristian Seip (November 6, 1881 Røyken Municipality-March 25, 1945) was a Norwegian personality. His child is called Jens Arup Seip.

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Tormod Haugen

Tormod Haugen (May 12, 1945 Nybergsund-October 18, 2008) was a Norwegian writer.

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Willy Bakken

Willy Bakken (June 24, 1951-April 5, 2015) was a Norwegian personality.

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Torleiv Bolstad

Torleiv Bolstad (October 25, 1915 Øystre Slidre-February 10, 1979 Oslo) also known as Bolstad, Torleiv was a Norwegian musician.

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Fritz Moen

Fritz Moen (December 17, 1941 Sarpsborg-March 28, 2005 Oslo) also known as Fritz Yngvar Moen was a Norwegian personality.

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Pål Løkkeberg

Pål Løkkeberg (August 2, 1934 Norway-January 29, 1998 Norway) was a Norwegian film director and screenwriter.

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John N. Kildahl

John N. Kildahl (January 4, 1857 Nord-Trøndelag-September 25, 1920) also known as John Kildahl was a Norwegian personality.

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Marius Eriksen

Marius Eriksen (December 9, 1886 Barbu, Norway-September 14, 1950) otherwise known as Emil Marius Eriksen or Marius Eriksen, Sr. was a Norwegian gymnast. He had two children, Stein Eriksen and Marius Eriksen, Jr..

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Karl Hansen

Karl Hansen (July 30, 1902 Trondheim-August 27, 1965 Trondheim) was a Norwegian athlete.

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Kjell Kristian Rike

Kjell Kristian Rike (July 12, 1944 Byglandsfjord-May 19, 2008 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

He died caused by lung cancer.

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