Norwegian musicians died at 70

Here are 21 famous musicians from Norway died at 70:

Gerhard Armauer Hansen

Gerhard Armauer Hansen (July 29, 1841 Bergen-February 12, 1912 Florø) also known as Dr. Gerhard Armauer Hansen was a Norwegian physician and scientist.

He died caused by cardiovascular disease.

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Johan Svendsen

Johan Svendsen (September 30, 1840 Oslo-June 14, 1911 Copenhagen) also known as Johann Severin Svendsen, Johann Svendsen, Svendsen, Johan Severin Svendsen or Svendsen, Johan was a Norwegian conductor.

His most recognized albums: Symphonies 1 & 2, Zorahayda / Karneval i Paris / Norsk kunstnerkarneval / Romeo og Julie, String Quartet in A minor, op. 1 / Octet in A major, op. 3, Five Nordic Masters, Orchestral Works, Volume 1, Norwegian Rhapsodies / Romeo and Juliet / Zorahayda, Scandinavian Masterpieces, The Two Symphonies, Orchestral Works, Volume 2 and Orchestral Works, Volume 3.

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Gudmund Harlem

Gudmund Harlem (July 24, 1917-April 5, 1988) otherwise known as Dr. Gudmund Harlem was a Norwegian physician.

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Reidar Ødegaard

Reidar Ødegaard (November 24, 1901 Lillehammer-April 11, 1972 Lillehammer) was a Norwegian personality.

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Kåre Olav Berg

Kåre Olav Berg (April 9, 1944-April 5, 2015) was a Norwegian personality.

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Audun Boysen

Audun Boysen (May 10, 1929 Bjarkøy-March 2, 2000 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

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Per Skou

Per Skou (May 20, 1891 Skien-February 24, 1962) was a Norwegian personality.

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Erling Vinne

Erling Vinne (August 7, 1892-June 20, 1963) was a Norwegian personality.

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Ole-Johan Dahl

Ole-Johan Dahl (October 12, 1931 Mandal, Norway-June 29, 2002 Oslo) was a Norwegian computer scientist.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Evald Rygh

Evald Rygh (May 26, 1842 Verdal-May 9, 1913 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

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Johannes Irgens

Johannes Irgens (July 31, 1869 Ås, Akershus-December 29, 1939 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

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Per G. Stavnum

Per G. Stavnum (December 26, 1941-April 14, 2012) also known as Per Stavnum was a Norwegian personality.

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Albert Gran

Albert Gran (August 4, 1862 Bergen-December 16, 1932 Los Angeles) was a Norwegian actor.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Einar Sissener

Einar Sissener (September 21, 1897 Oslo-March 4, 1968) a.k.a. Einar Rasmus Krag Schnitler Sissener was a Norwegian actor, film producer and film director.

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Sigurd Ibsen

Sigurd Ibsen (December 23, 1859 Oslo-April 14, 1930) was a Norwegian writer, politician and lawyer. He had one child, Tancred Ibsen.

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Carl Otto Løvenskiold

Carl Otto Løvenskiold (August 27, 1898 Aker-August 22, 1969) was a Norwegian landlord and businessperson.

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Ole Bull

Ole Bull (February 5, 1810 Bergen-August 17, 1880 Bergen) also known as Ole Borneman Bull or Bull, Ole Borneman was a Norwegian violinist.

His albums: and . Genres he performed include Classical music.

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Toralf Sandø

Toralf Sandø (April 6, 1899 Norway-March 4, 1970 Oslo) was a Norwegian film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Fridtjof Mjøen

Fridtjof Mjøen (April 5, 1897-April 5, 1967) was a Norwegian actor and theatre director.

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Hans Børli

Hans Børli (December 8, 1918 Eidskog-August 25, 1989) was a Norwegian writer and poet.

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Johan Vestly

Johan Vestly (November 24, 1923 Oslo-November 28, 1993) was a Norwegian illustrator, artist, film producer and visual artist.

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