Norwegian musicians died at 73

Here are 27 famous musicians from Norway died at 73:

Odd Bondevik

Odd Bondevik (June 20, 1941 Sauda-September 6, 2014 Drammen) was a Norwegian personality.

He died caused by disease.

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Johan Bernhard Hjort

Johan Bernhard Hjort (February 25, 1895-February 24, 1969) was a Norwegian lawyer. He had one child, Wanda Hjort Heger.

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Kristian Bjørn

Kristian Bjørn (August 22, 1919-April 1, 1993) was a Norwegian personality.

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Rolf Hansen

Rolf Hansen (October 9, 1906 Sarpsborg-May 9, 1980 Sarpsborg) was a Norwegian personality.

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Odd Rasdal

Odd Rasdal (July 6, 1911-March 4, 1985) was a Norwegian personality.

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Ferdinand Bie

Ferdinand Bie (February 16, 1888 Drammen-November 8, 1961 Kristiansund) also known as Ferdinand Reinhardt Bie was a Norwegian personality.

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Helge Sivertsen

Helge Sivertsen (June 12, 1913-December 21, 1986) was a Norwegian politician.

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Bjarne Guldager

Bjarne Guldager (November 14, 1897-January 29, 1971) was a Norwegian personality.

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Gustav Vigeland

Gustav Vigeland (April 11, 1869 Mandal, Norway-March 12, 1943 Oslo) was a Norwegian sculptor.

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Sam Eyde

Sam Eyde (October 29, 1866 Arendal-June 21, 1940) was a Norwegian engineer.

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Johan Nygaardsvold

Johan Nygaardsvold (March 13, 1879 Hommelvik-March 13, 1952 Trondheim) was a Norwegian politician.

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Harald Gram

Harald Gram (September 18, 1887 Oslo-June 7, 1961 Oslo) was a Norwegian magistrate. He had two children, Gregers Gram and Antoinette Gram.

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Tutte Lemkow

Tutte Lemkow (August 28, 1918 Oslo-November 10, 1991 London) also known as Isak Samuel Lemkow was a Norwegian actor, dancer and choreographer. He had four children, Etienne Lemkow, Louis Lemkow-Zetterling, Rachel Lemkow and Rebecca Lemkow.

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Per Gram

Per Gram (September 11, 1910-April 5, 1984) was a Norwegian barrister.

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Øistein Saksvik

Øistein Saksvik (January 7, 1925-April 5, 1998) was a Norwegian athlete.

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Bernt Balchen

Bernt Balchen (October 23, 1899 Tveit-October 17, 1973 Mount Kisco) was a Norwegian pilot. His children are called Bernt Balchen, Jr and Lauritz Balchen.

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Michel Grendahl

Michel Grendahl (March 12, 1775 Rennebu-January 18, 1849 Trondheim) was a Norwegian politician.

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Odd Sverressøn Klingenberg

Odd Sverressøn Klingenberg (June 8, 1871 Trondheim-November 3, 1944 Trondheim) was a Norwegian barrister and politician.

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Bjarne Andersen

Bjarne Andersen (January 15, 1909 Stavanger-August 13, 1982 Oslo) otherwise known as Bjarne Osvald Andersen was a Norwegian actor, theatre director and theatrical producer.

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Helge Krog

Helge Krog (February 9, 1889 Kristiansund-July 30, 1962 Oslo) was a Norwegian writer and translator.

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Sverre Holm

Sverre Holm (July 24, 1931 Norway-March 17, 2005 Larvik) a.k.a. Sverre Holm Gundersen was a Norwegian actor.

He died in cancer.

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Guri Stormoen

Guri Stormoen (September 10, 1901 Oslo-November 1, 1974 Stavanger) was a Norwegian actor.

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Ivar Lunde

Ivar Lunde (June 18, 1918 Pavlovsk-April 5, 1992) was a Norwegian diplomat, lawyer and translator.

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Rudolf Muus

Rudolf Muus (February 19, 1862 Norway-November 9, 1935) was a Norwegian author.

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Gerhard Schjelderup

Gerhard Schjelderup (November 17, 1859 Kristiansand-July 29, 1933 Benediktbeuern) a.k.a. Gerhard Rosenkrone Schjelderup was a Norwegian composer. His child is Gerik Schjelderup.

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William Houlder Zachariasen

William Houlder Zachariasen (February 5, 1906 Langesund-December 24, 1979 Santa Fe) also known as Fredrik William Houlder Zachariasen or Fredrik Zachariasen was a Norwegian personality.

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Tinius Nagell-Erichsen

Tinius Nagell-Erichsen (February 15, 1934 Oslo-November 12, 2007 Nøtterøy) was a Norwegian journalist.

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