Norwegian musicians died at 75

Here are 23 famous musicians from Norway died at 75:

Thoralf Skolem

Thoralf Skolem (May 23, 1887 Sandsvær-March 23, 1963 Oslo) a.k.a. Th Skolem was a Norwegian mathematician.

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Oddbjørn Hagen

Oddbjørn Hagen (February 3, 1908-June 25, 1983 Skedsmo) a.k.a. Oddbjorn Hagen was a Norwegian personality.

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Berthold Grünfeld

Berthold Grünfeld (January 22, 1932 Bratislava-August 20, 2007 Oslo) also known as Berthold Grunfeld or Dr. Berthold Grünfeld was a Norwegian physician.

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Henry Hermansen

Henry Hermansen (April 13, 1921-January 18, 1997) was a Norwegian personality.

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Stein Haugen

Stein Haugen (January 10, 1933 Lom-March 31, 2008 Bærum) was a Norwegian personality.

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Arne Brustad

Arne Brustad (April 14, 1912 Oslo-August 22, 1987) was a Norwegian personality.

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Carl Albert Andersen

Carl Albert Andersen (August 15, 1876-September 28, 1951 Oslo) also known as Carl Albert Andersen or Carl-Albert Andersen was a Norwegian personality.

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Liv Paulsen

Liv Paulsen (November 29, 1925-November 3, 2001) was a Norwegian personality.

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Kristine Bonnevie

Kristine Bonnevie (October 8, 1872 Trondheim-August 30, 1948 Oslo) was a Norwegian scientist.

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Kristen Nygaard

Kristen Nygaard (August 27, 1926 Oslo-August 10, 2002 Oslo) was a Norwegian mathematician, politician and computer scientist.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Peder Anker

Peder Anker (December 8, 1749 Oslo-December 10, 1824) was a Norwegian politician.

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Harriet Holter

Harriet Holter (April 11, 1922-December 18, 1997) was a Norwegian personality.

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Johan Sverdrup

Johan Sverdrup (July 30, 1816 Tønsberg-February 17, 1892) was a Norwegian politician and lawyer.

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Stephan Sinding

Stephan Sinding (August 4, 1846 Trondheim-January 23, 1922 Paris) also known as Stephan Abel Sinding was a Norwegian sculptor.

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Lars Høgvold

Lars Høgvold (September 11, 1888 Løten-December 31, 1963) was a Norwegian ski jumper.

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Lars Hannibal Sommerfeldt Stoud Platou

Lars Hannibal Sommerfeldt Stoud Platou (September 2, 1848 Bergen-November 12, 1923 Oslo) was a Norwegian psychiatrist.

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Birgit Strøm

Birgit Strøm (August 9, 1931 Oslo-January 11, 2007) also known as Birgit Feed, Birgit Målfrid power Lyng or Strøm, Birgit was a Norwegian actor.

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Terje Moe

Terje Moe (November 4, 1933 Oslo-July 24, 2009) was a Norwegian architect and teacher.

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Christian Leden

Christian Leden (July 17, 1882 Inderøy-November 19, 1957) also known as Christian Refsaas or Leden, Christian was a Norwegian composer.

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Odd Bang-Hansen

Odd Bang-Hansen (April 9, 1908 Oslo-March 4, 1984) was a Norwegian novelist, writer and film critic. He had two children, Pål Bang-Hansen and Kjetil Bang-Hansen.

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Per Christensen

Per Christensen (July 18, 1934 Norway-August 26, 2009 Oslo) otherwise known as Per Christensen d.e. was a Norwegian actor.

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Asbjørn Sunde

Asbjørn Sunde (December 12, 1909 Vikna-April 23, 1985) was a Norwegian personality.

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Astrid Tollefsen

Astrid Tollefsen (December 11, 1897 Horten-October 9, 1973) was a Norwegian author.

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