Pakistani music stars who deceased at age 74

Here are 15 famous musicians from Pakistan died at 74:

Shaikh Ayaz

Shaikh Ayaz (March 2, 1923 Shikarpur, Sindh-December 28, 1997 Karachi) was a Pakistani poet.

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Qazi Hussain Ahmad

Qazi Hussain Ahmad (January 12, 1938 Pakistan-January 6, 2013 Islamabad) was a Pakistani politician.

He died as a result of cardiac arrest.

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Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali (April 19, 1931 Rampur-March 19, 2006 Lahore) otherwise known as Millennium Supreme Star, Shehenshah-e-Jazbat, The King of Emotions, Munna, Ali Bhai, Mohd Ali, Muhammad Ali, The Emperor of Emotions, Zeba Muhammad Ali, Shahenshah-e-Jazbaat, Super star, Millennium star, Legend Star, Mohammed Ali or Mohd. Ali was a Pakistani actor and film producer. He had one child, Samina Ali.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Rais Amrohvi

Rais Amrohvi (September 12, 1914 India-September 22, 1988) was a Pakistani writer, journalist and philosopher.

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Ahmed Mohiuddin

Ahmed Mohiuddin (January 8, 1923 Hyderabad-January 4, 1998 Atlanta) was a Pakistani scientist.

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Muhammad Ajmal

Muhammad Ajmal (September 7, 1919 Ludhiana-April 5, 1994 Islamabad) was a Pakistani personality.

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Saifuddin Bohra

Saifuddin Bohra (May 16, 1933-August 15, 2007) was a Pakistani writer and politician.

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Muhammad Ali Siddiqui

Muhammad Ali Siddiqui (March 7, 1938 India-January 9, 2013 Karachi) was a Pakistani personality.

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Nazir Ahmed

Nazir Ahmed (May 1, 1898 Lahore-April 5, 1973 Pakistan) was a Pakistani physicist.

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Noor Jehan

Noor Jehan (September 21, 1926 Kasur-December 23, 2000 Karachi) a.k.a. Noor Jahan, Noorjehan, Madam Noor Jehan, Baby Noor Jehan, Nurjehan, Nur Jehan, Madam Noor Jahan, Noorjahan, Baby Noor Jahan, Allah Wasai, ملکہ ترنم;, Madam Jee, Elizabeth Taylor, Malika-e-Tarannum, Queen Of Melody, मैडम नूर जहाँ, बेबी नूर जहाँ, एलिज़ाबेथ टेलर, मलिका-ए-तरन्नुम, क्वीन ऑफ़ मेलॉडी, अल्लाह वसई or मैडम जी was a Pakistani singer, actor and film director. Her child is called Zil-e-Huma.

Her related genres: Qawwali, Ghazal and Classical music.

She died caused by heart failure.

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Ranadaprasad Saha

Ranadaprasad Saha (November 15, 1896 Savar Upazila-May 1, 1971 Bangladesh) was a Pakistani personality.

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Muhammad Mansha Yaad

Muhammad Mansha Yaad (September 5, 1937 Punjab, Pakistan-October 1, 2011) was a Pakistani playwright and writer.

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Sudhir (January 25, 1922 Lahore-January 19, 1997 Lahore) a.k.a. Shah Zaman Khan Afridi, Lala Sudhir or Shah Zaman Khan was a Pakistani actor, film producer and film director. He had three children, Shah Zaman, Meer Zaman and Sikandar Zaman.

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Khan Roshan Khan

Khan Roshan Khan (November 1, 1914 Karnal Sher Killi-November 19, 1988) also known as Khan Roshan khan was a Pakistani personality.

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Mohammad Mafzalur Rahman

Mohammad Mafzalur Rahman (April 1, 1920 Cox's Bazar-June 14, 1994) was a Pakistani personality.

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