Polish movie actors born in the year 1908

Here are 7 famous actors from Poland were born in 1908:

Tadeusz Kondrat

Tadeusz Kondrat (April 8, 1908 Przemyśl-June 19, 1994 Konstancin-Jeziorna) was a Polish actor. He had one child, Marek Kondrat.

Seymour Rexite

Seymour Rexite (January 18, 1908 Piotrków Trybunalski-October 14, 2002 New York City) also known as Seymour Rechzeit, Seymour Rechtzeit or Rechtzeit, Seymour was a Polish actor.

Jan Koecher

Jan Koecher (January 16, 1908 Warsaw-May 11, 1981 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and film director.

Jan Kreczmar

Jan Kreczmar (May 6, 1908 Warsaw-August 29, 1972 Warsaw) was a Polish actor. His child is called Adam Kreczmar.

Zbigniew Ziembinski

Zbigniew Ziembinski (March 7, 1908 Wieliczka-October 18, 1978 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Zbigniew Marian Ziembinski, Ziembinski, Ziembinsky or Zimba was a Polish teacher, film director, actor, theatre director, painter and photographer.

Michal Plucinski

Michal Plucinski (January 17, 1908 Warsaw-March 2, 1978 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Czeslaw Roszkowski

Czeslaw Roszkowski (October 3, 1908 Zambrów-April 3, 1978 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

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