Polish movie actors born in the year 1913

Here are 7 famous actors from Poland were born in 1913:

Jerzy Wasowski

Jerzy Wasowski (May 31, 1913 Warsaw-September 29, 1984 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and composer. He had one child, Grzegorz Wasowski.

Aleksander Bardini

Aleksander Bardini (November 17, 1913 Łódź-July 30, 1995 Warsaw) also known as Aleksander Berlin, Alexander Bardini or Aleksander Bardin was a Polish actor, film director and theatre director. He had one child, Malina Bardini.

Slawomir Lindner

Slawomir Lindner (May 8, 1913 Koło-March 18, 1982 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and military officer.

Ben Frommer

Ben Frommer (June 12, 1913 Poland-May 9, 1992 Tarzana) a.k.a. Benjamin Frommer was a Polish actor.

Seweryn Dalecki

Seweryn Dalecki (December 4, 1913 Warsaw-May 23, 2006 Konstancin-Jeziorna) otherwise known as Symche Dalecki was a Polish actor.

Bolesław Płotnicki

Bolesław Płotnicki (June 17, 1913 Kiev-September 7, 1988 Warsaw) also known as Bolesław Płotnicki or Boleslaw Plotnicki was a Polish actor.

Marek Idzinski

Marek Idzinski (May 24, 1913 Province of Posen-March 19, 1995 Wrocław) a.k.a. M. Idzinski was a Polish actor.

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