Polish movie actors born in the year 1951

Here are 19 famous actors from Poland were born in 1951:

Andrzej Blumenfeld

Andrzej Blumenfeld (August 12, 1951 Zabrze-) is a Polish actor.

Adam Ferency

Adam Ferency (October 5, 1951 Warsaw-) also known as A. Ferency or 아담 페런시 is a Polish actor and theatre director.

Wiktor Zborowski

Wiktor Zborowski (January 10, 1951 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor. He has two children, Zofia Zborowska and Hanna Zborowska.

Andrzej Beja-Zaborski

Andrzej Beja-Zaborski (March 7, 1951 Wałbrzych-) also known as Andrzej Beya-Zaborski or Andrzej Zaborski is a Polish actor.

Pavel Douglas

Pavel Douglas (January 5, 1951 Kraków-) is a Polish actor. He has four children, Amelie Rose Douglas, Zaczyk Lewis Douglas, Daisy Douglas and Zephyr Douglas.

Wiesław Sławik

Wiesław Sławik (May 22, 1951 Trzcianka-) is a Polish actor. He has one child, Mateusz Sławik.

Marek Piekarczyk

Marek Piekarczyk (July 13, 1951 Poznań-) also known as Piekarczyk, Marek is a Polish singer and actor. He has two children, Sonia Piekarczyk and Filip Piekarczyk.

Wlodzimierz Golaszewski

Wlodzimierz Golaszewski (January 10, 1951 Łódź-) is a Polish actor.

Bronisław Wrocławski

Bronisław Wrocławski (August 31, 1951 Łódź-) a.k.a. Bronislaw Wroclawski is a Polish actor.

Jacek Lomnicki

Jacek Lomnicki (June 27, 1951 Warsaw-November 30, 2009 Warsaw) also known as Jacek Łomnicki was a Polish cinematographer and actor.

Zbigniew Buczkowski

Zbigniew Buczkowski (March 20, 1951 Warsaw-) a.k.a. Z. Buczkowski, Zbyszek or Si Bon is a Polish actor. He has two children, Michał Buczkowski and Hanna Buczkowska.

Joachim Lamza

Joachim Lamza (July 7, 1951 Kalisz-) is a Polish actor.

Jan Janga-Tomaszewski

Jan Janga-Tomaszewski (December 29, 1951 Warsaw-) also known as Jan Tomaszewski is a Polish actor.

Ryszard Mróz

Ryszard Mróz (March 31, 1951 Pruszków-) is a Polish actor.

Tomas Neumann

Tomas Neumann (February 19, 1951 Poland-) also known as Tomasz Neuman is a Polish actor.

Dariusz Szpakowski

Dariusz Szpakowski (May 15, 1951 Warsaw-) a.k.a. zpak is a Polish sports commentator and actor. His children are called Gabriela Szpakowska and .

Ryszard Lukowski

Ryszard Lukowski (April 12, 1951 Kraków-) is a Polish actor.

Ryszard Rynkowski

Ryszard Rynkowski (October 9, 1951 Elbląg-) a.k.a. Rynkowski, Ryszard is a Polish singer-songwriter, pianist, actor and musician.

Leon Charewicz

Leon Charewicz (February 24, 1951 Russia-) is a Polish actor.

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