Polish movie actors born in the year 1955

Here are 5 famous actors from Poland were born in 1955:

Juliusz Machulski

Juliusz Machulski (March 10, 1955 Olsztyn-) is a Polish film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor and playwright.

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Aleksander Krupa

Aleksander Krupa (August 31, 1955 Rybnik-) also known as Aleksander Krupa, Oleg Krupa or Olek Krupa is a Polish actor. He has one child, Julia Ain Krupa.

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Sylwester Maciejewski

Sylwester Maciejewski (July 10, 1955 Żyrardów-) is a Polish actor. He has one child, .

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Andrzej Szczytko

Andrzej Szczytko (October 9, 1955 Grajewo-) is a Polish actor and film director.

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Tomek Lipiński

Tomek Lipiński (August 21, 1955 Warsaw-) also known as Lipiński, Tomek, Tomasz Lipinski, Tom Lipinski, Tom Lopinski or Tomasz Lipiński is a Polish actor, film score composer and musician. He has two children, Agata Lipińska and Lucja Lipińska.

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