Polish movie actors born in the year 1956

Here are 6 famous actors from Poland were born in 1956:

Piotr Dumała

Piotr Dumała (July 9, 1956 Warsaw-) otherwise known as Piotr Dumala is a Polish animator, film director, screenwriter, teacher, writer, actor, film art director and set decorator.

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Jacek Koman

Jacek Koman (August 15, 1956 Bielsko-Biała-) is a Polish actor and singer. His children are called Quincy Koman and Clementine Coco Koman.

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Andrzej Pieczyński

Andrzej Pieczyński (December 17, 1956 Pobiedziska-) is a Polish actor and theatre director.

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Artur Barciś

Artur Barciś (August 12, 1956 Kokawa, Poland-) also known as A. Barcis or Artur Barcis is a Polish actor. His child is called Franciszek Barciś.

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Henryk Gołębiewski

Henryk Gołębiewski (June 15, 1956 Warsaw-) also known as Henryk Julian Gołębiewski, Henryk Golebiewski or Henryk Julian Golebiewski is a Polish actor. He has one child, Róża Gołębiewska.

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Edward Zentara

Edward Zentara (March 18, 1956 Sianów-May 25, 2011 Tarnów) was a Polish actor. His child is called .

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