Polish movie actors died when they were 64

Here are 7 famous actors from Poland died at 64:

Tadeusz Łomnicki

Tadeusz Łomnicki (July 18, 1927 Pidhaitsi-February 22, 1992 Poznań) otherwise known as Lom or Tadeusz Lomnicki was a Polish actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Jacek Lomnicki.

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George E. Stone

George E. Stone (May 18, 1903 Łódź-May 26, 1967 Los Angeles) also known as George Stone, Gerschon Lichtenstein, Georgie Stone or George Stein was a Polish actor.

He died in stroke.

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Jan Kiepura

Jan Kiepura (May 16, 1902 Sosnowiec-August 15, 1966 Harrison) a.k.a. Kiepura, Jan, Jan Wiktor Kiepura or Jean Kiepura was a Polish singer and actor. His children are called Sharbek Kiepura and Marjan Kiepura.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Jan Kreczmar

Jan Kreczmar (May 6, 1908 Warsaw-August 29, 1972 Warsaw) was a Polish actor. His child is called Adam Kreczmar.

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Bogusz Bilewski

Bogusz Bilewski (September 25, 1930 Starachowice-September 14, 1995 Wrocław) also known as B. Bilewski was a Polish actor.

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Stanisław Gawlik

Stanisław Gawlik (November 3, 1925 Upper Silesia-February 7, 1990 Warsaw) also known as Stanislaw Gawlik was a Polish actor.

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Eugeniusz Koszutski

Eugeniusz Koszutski (December 26, 1881 Warsaw-August 22, 1946 Łódź) a.k.a. Eugenjusz Koszutski was a Polish actor.

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