Polish movie actors died when they were 69

Here are 3 famous actors from Poland died at 69:

Vladek Sheybal

Vladek Sheybal (March 12, 1923 Zgierz-October 16, 1992 London) also known as Vladets Shebal, Wladyslaw Sheybal, Wladyslaw Rudolf Sheybal, Władek Sheybal, Vladek Sheybal – Skibiński, Vladek Sheybal-Skibinski or Władysław Rudolf Z. Sheybal was a Polish actor and television director. He had one child, Jerzy Schejbal.

He died in aortic aneurysm.

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Włodzimierz Zonn

Włodzimierz Zonn (November 14, 1905 Russian Empire-February 28, 1975 Warsaw) also known as Wlodzimierz Zonn was a Polish astronomer, teacher and actor. His child is called Lidia Zonn.

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Jan Kociniak

Jan Kociniak (November 8, 1937 Stryi-April 20, 2007 Warsaw) also known as J. Kociniak was a Polish actor.

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