Polish movie actors died when they were 78

Here are 4 famous actors from Poland died at 78:

Ned Glass

Ned Glass (April 1, 1906 Poland-June 15, 1984 Encino) was a Polish actor and carpentry.

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Stanisław Michalski

Stanisław Michalski (September 3, 1932 Vilnius-February 1, 2011 Gdańsk) also known as S. Michalski, S. Mikulski, Stanisław Zdzisław Michalski or Stanislaw Zdzislaw Michalski was a Polish actor. He had three children, Igor Michalski, Dorota Michalska and Jerzy Michalski.

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Władysław Grabowski

Władysław Grabowski (June 1, 1883 Warsaw-July 6, 1961 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

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George Andreani

George Andreani (February 28, 1901 Warsaw-April 2, 1979 Buenos Aires) also known as Jeorge Andreani was a Polish film score composer, composer, pianist, conductor and actor.

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