Polish movie actors died when they were 79

Here are 3 famous actors from Poland died at 79:

Leszek Drogosz

Leszek Drogosz (January 6, 1933 Kielce-September 7, 2012 Kielce) also known as Bulakow, Leszek Melchior Drogosz or Czarodziej ringu was a Polish actor and professional boxer.

He died caused by cancer.

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Wojciech Ruszkowski

Wojciech Ruszkowski (May 29, 1897 Lviv-December 29, 1976 Kraków) was a Polish actor and singer.

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Tadeusz Olsza

Tadeusz Olsza (December 3, 1895 Warsaw-June 1, 1975 London) otherwise known as Tadeusz Blomberg was a Polish actor.

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