Polish movie actors died in the year 1981

Here are 4 famous actors from Poland died in 1981:

Jan Koecher

Jan Koecher (January 16, 1908 Warsaw-May 11, 1981 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and film director.

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Wojciech Wiszniewski

Wojciech Wiszniewski (February 22, 1946 Łódź-November 27, 1981) also known as Wojciech Tadeusz Wiszniewski or Szajbus was a Polish film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Ludwik Sempoliński

Ludwik Sempoliński (August 18, 1899 Warsaw-April 17, 1981 Warsaw) a.k.a. Bohdan Kierski was a Polish actor.

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Ross Martin

Ross Martin (March 22, 1920 Horodok-July 3, 1981 Ramona) also known as Martin Rosenblatt was a Polish actor. His children are called Phyllis Martin, Rebecca Martin and George Martin.

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