Polish movie actors died in the year 2008

Here are 5 famous actors from Poland died in 2008:

Gustaw Holoubek

Gustaw Holoubek (April 21, 1923 Kraków-March 6, 2008 Warsaw) also known as Gustav Holoubek, Густав Холубек, Gustav Golubek or Gustav Theophilus Holoubek was a Polish actor, film director, legislator, politician and teacher. He had three children, Jan Holoubek, Ewa Holoubek and Magdalena Holoubek.

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Marian Glinka

Marian Glinka (June 1, 1943 Warsaw-June 23, 2008 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and bodybuilder.

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Wienczyslaw Glinski

Wienczyslaw Glinski (May 10, 1921 Astrakhan-July 8, 2008 Warsaw) a.k.a. Wieńczysław Gliński was a Polish actor. He had one child, .

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Jan Machulski

Jan Machulski (July 3, 1928 Łódź-November 20, 2008 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and theatre director. He had one child, Juliusz Machulski.

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Krzysztof Zaleski

Krzysztof Zaleski (September 3, 1948 Świętochłowice-October 20, 2008 Warsaw) a.k.a. Krzysztof Zalewski or K. Zalenski was a Polish actor, theatre director and screenwriter. He had one child, Jan Zaleski.

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