Polish movie actresses born in the year 1907

Here are 5 famous actresses from Poland were born in 1907:

Wanda Luczycka

Wanda Luczycka (July 2, 1907 Józefów, Lublin County-July 3, 1996 Konstancin-Jeziorna) otherwise known as Wanda Luczycka-Meller, Wanda Melerowa or Wanda Łuczycka was a Polish actor. Her child is called Wiktor Meller.

Helena Kowalczykowa

Helena Kowalczykowa (February 25, 1907 Kosiv-August 7, 1999 Warsaw) a.k.a. H. Kowalczyk, Helena Kowalczyk or N. Kowalczykowa was a Polish actor.

Lídia Bôscoli

Lídia Bôscoli (October 21, 1907 Łódź-June 3, 1987 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Lódia Silva was a Polish actor. She had one child, Jardel Filho.

Stefania Górska

Stefania Górska (January 6, 1907 Warsaw-August 3, 1986 Warsaw) a.k.a. Stefania Zadrozinska was a Polish actor and composer.

Krystyna Ankwicz

Krystyna Ankwicz (April 4, 1907 Lviv-August 6, 1985 Warsaw) also known as Monika de Witt or Krystyna Szyjkowska was a Polish actor.

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