Polish movie actresses born in the year 1925

Here are 8 famous actresses from Poland were born in 1925:

Aleksandra Śląska

Aleksandra Śląska (November 4, 1925 Katowice-September 18, 1989 Warsaw) otherwise known as Aleksandra Wasik, Aleksandra Slaska or Aleksandra Wąsik was a Polish actor. She had one child, .

Maria Zbyszewska

Maria Zbyszewska (April 30, 1925 Warsaw-July 9, 1985 Wrocław) was a Polish actor. Her child is called Mariusz Benoit.

Ewa Krasnodebska

Ewa Krasnodebska (July 9, 1925 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor.

Irena Dziedzic

Irena Dziedzic (June 20, 1925 Kolomyia-) is a Polish actor and journalist.

Irena Laskowska

Irena Laskowska (March 15, 1925 Wilno Voivodeship - II RP-) is a Polish actor.

Maria Homerska

Maria Homerska (February 15, 1925 Warsaw-July 6, 2010 Legionowo) was a Polish actor.

Halina Mikolajska

Halina Mikolajska (March 22, 1925 Kraków-June 22, 1989 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Ewa Ekwinska

Ewa Ekwinska (March 24, 1925 Bydgoszcz-November 20, 1995 Konstancin-Jeziorna) was a Polish actor.

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