Polish movie actresses born in the year 1952

Here are 9 famous actresses from Poland were born in 1952:

Krystyna Janda

Krystyna Janda (December 18, 1952 Starachowice-) is a Polish actor, film director, screenwriter, singer and writer. She has three children, Maria Seweryn, Andrzej Kłosiński and Adam Kłosiński.

Iwona Bielska

Iwona Bielska (September 7, 1952 Łódź-) is a Polish actor. She has one child, Michał Grabowski.

Joanna Bartel

Joanna Bartel (December 29, 1952 Świętochłowice-) is a Polish actor.

Bożena Rogalska

Bożena Rogalska (July 14, 1952 Poznań-May 14, 1991) also known as B. Rogalska or Bozena Rogalska was a Polish actor.

Joanna Sienkiewicz

Joanna Sienkiewicz (July 17, 1952 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor.

Gabriela Kownacka

Gabriela Kownacka (May 25, 1952 Wrocław-November 30, 2010 Warsaw) a.k.a. Gabriela Kwasz or Gabriela Anna Kownacka was a Polish actor. Her child is called Franciszek Kownacki.

Bozena Adamek

Bozena Adamek (January 1, 1952 Zaklików-) also known as Bozena Adamkowna or Bozena Adamkówna is a Polish actor.

Maria Robaszkiewicz

Maria Robaszkiewicz (May 28, 1952 Kwidzyn-) also known as M. Robaszkiewicz or Maria Robaszkiewicz-Kowarska is a Polish actor.

Ernestyna Winnicka

Ernestyna Winnicka (January 27, 1952 Żary-) is a Polish actor.

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