Polish movie actresses born in the year 1982

Here are 11 famous actresses from Poland were born in 1982:

Katarzyna Cichopek

Katarzyna Cichopek (October 7, 1982 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor. Her children are called Adam Hakiel and Hania Hakiel.

Joanna Kulig

Joanna Kulig (June 24, 1982 Krynica-Zdrój-) is a Polish actor.

Justyna Bartoszewicz

Justyna Bartoszewicz (May 11, 1982 Białystok-) is a Polish actor.

Dominika Biernat

Dominika Biernat (April 12, 1982 Poland-) also known as Dominika Bievnet is a Polish actor.

Marieta Zukowska

Marieta Zukowska (July 1, 1982 Żywiec-) is a Polish actor.

Aneta Zając

Aneta Zając (April 19, 1982 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor.

Katarzyna Kępka

Katarzyna Kępka (September 22, 1982 Warsaw-) is a Polish presenter and actor.

Katarzyna Maciąg

Katarzyna Maciąg (May 3, 1982 Kozienice-) also known as Katarzyna Maciag is a Polish actor.

Klaudia Kaca

Klaudia Kaca (July 3, 1982 Wrocław-) is a Polish actor.

Agata Zalecka

Agata Zalecka (August 7, 1982 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor and comedian.

Katarzyna Sowinska

Katarzyna Sowinska (February 22, 1982 Wałbrzych-) also known as Katarzyna Lourdes-Sowinska, Kasia Sowinska or Kasia is a Polish actor, television presenter and model.

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